Wasted Minds
David Kyusaku Hibiki
Age: 17 • Height: 5'2" • Weight: 98 lbs. • Occupation: High School Student •

A senior in high school with a tendancy to make enemies, Kyusaku is lucky to be well-versed in martial arts. He has also inherited spiritual medium abilities from his mother, which he seems to have a natural talent for. He would rather stay out the predicaments he winds up in, and is planning to escape for a career in the arts, despite his parents' wishes.

Cara Anne Kitaen
Age: 17 • Height: 5'6" • Weight: 118 lbs. •
Occupation: High School Student •

One of Kyusaku's childhood best friends, Cara is a highly skilled martial artist and swordswoman. She has a high sense of honor and fighting fair.

Rowan Michael Carrey
Age: 15 • Height: 5'9" • Weight: 145 lbs. •
Occupation: High School Student •

Kyusaku's other childhood best friend and neighbor, Rowan is training to be a sorcerer. Up until recently, his skill was very limited, but with Rizzo's guidance, he's learned some new tricks. Rowan has a tendancy to place popularity over friendship, leaving Kyusaku on the outs quite often.

Age: Unknown • Height: 6'1" • Weight: 148 lbs. •
Occupation: Secretary/Magic Instructor •

A goblin who was trapped in a dimensional rift for 200 years, Rizzo recently found freedom when a magic fireball blew up Kyusaku's locker. She has quickly adapted to life in the modern world, and holds a normal job and fairly normal social life. She tutors Rowan in sorcery and has an extensive knowledge of magical artifacts.

Fumiko Hibiki
Age: 39 • Height: 5'5" • Weight: 135 lbs. • Occupation: Nurse/Spiritual Medium •

Originally from Tokyo, Fumiko moved to Honolulu for college, where she met Mark, whom she later married. She is the mother of Kyusaku and Ryoko. Fumiko works as an ER nurse, and is also well-versed in the spiritual world. She also has a fearsome temper, and can handle herself against tough opponents.

Kyra Elle Nytko
Age: 17 • Height: 5'4" • Weight: 125 lbs. • Occupation: High School Student •

The daughter of Fumiko's superintendant, Kyra became friends with Kyusaku due to their common interests in comic books and music. She and Rowan don't get along, as he thinks she's a loser and she thinks he's far too concerned with his image.

Tenchi Yamaguchi
Age: 17 • Height: 5'7" • Weight: 134 lbs. • Occupation: High School Student/Ninja •

A ninja from Japan, Tenchi came to New York to settle an old grudge with Kyusaku (who had no recollection of that incident).

Ryoko Grace Hibiki
Age: 15 • Height: 5'0" • Weight: 95 lbs. • Occupation: High School Student •

Kyusaku's younger sister, who occasionally pretends that she doesn't know him. She (not so) has a crush on Rowan, much to Kyusaku's chagrin.

Ran Tanaka
Age: 16 • Height: 5'4" • Weight: 123 lbs. • Occupation: High School Student/Ninja •

A childhood friend of Tenchi's, Ran came to the US to help him on his mission. She's a highly skilled fighter, but seems to be problematic for the organization she works for.

Mark Adam Hibiki
Age: 40 • Height: 5'9" • Weight: 169 lbs.H • Occupation: Accountant •

An accountant from Honolulu, Mark met Fumiko in college and married her soon after. They later divorced, and Ryoko lives mostly with him. He tends to date women several years younger than him.

Sai Hsu
Age: 16 • Height: 5'6" • Weight: 142 lbs. • Occupation: High School Student/Bodyguard •

Another artist friend of Kyusauku's, Sai also works for his family's underground bodyguard business. He pretends to be crippled so he won't raise suspicions, but was recently outed. He also has a crush on Kyra, who's not particularly interested.

Gavin Qin
Age: Unknown • Height: 5'9" • Weight: 150 lbs. • Occupation: Evil Sorceror •

A sorcerer who seems to have learned the secret to immortality, Gavin was Rizzo's lover. He has been known by many names in the past, including Damien, which Rizzo knows him by. He imprisoned Rizzo in another dimension 200 years ago for reasons yet unknown.

Starr Maria Jennings
Age: 19 • Height: 5'7" • Weight: 134 lbs. •
Occupation: College Student/Amazon Warrior •

A modern day amazon, Starr is Tim's bodyguard. Despite being generally angry and distrustful, she works for the forces of truth and justice. She used to date Farel, but broke up with him after he joined The Evil Organization.

Timothy Lacroix
Age: 18 • Height: 5'10" • Weight: 140 lbs. •
Occupation: College Student/Protector of Magical Artifacts •

An elf from a clan destined to protect magical artifacts from evil, Tim is quite the coward. He is the keeper of a magic sword that possesses almost anyone who comes in contact with it, making him a target for several groups of evildoers. He has no qualms about shirking his duties.

Farel Sharif
Age: 19 • Height: 5'11" • Weight: 160 lbs. •
Occupation: College Student/Evil Agent •

A college student working his way through school doing jobs for The Evil Organization That Plans to Take Over the World™. Farel is an expert with knives, and has an extensive collection, many of which are fantasy themed. He used to date Starr, but she didn't go for his work in the evil department.

Renee Larkins
Age: 19 • Height: 5'8" • Weight: 148 lbs. • Occupation: College Student •

Cara's girlfriend. She works in a Manhattan comic book shop with Kyusaku.

Ian Callahan
Age: 25 • Height: 6'1" • Weight: 165 lbs. • Occupation: Evil Agent •

A member of The Evil Organization That Plans to Take Over the World™, Ian is more interested in going on hot dates than actually working. For this reason, he gets saddled with partners who may or may not be less competant than him.